Apple iPhone 15 Lineup to Introduce a Whole New Suite of Color Options; Here’s the leaked Info 2024

Apple plans to introduce a whole new suite of colour options with the iPhone 15 lineup. The Cupertino Giant doesn’t bring a design change very often, but credit where the credit’s due; they do freshen up their lineups by repainting their chassis. Take iPhone 14’s, for example; Apple rejuvenated the old design by inserting the new deep purple colour. The forthcoming Apple iPhone 15 Plus is expected to come in various colours.

Apple is setting up a few significant changes in the iPhone 15 family, and even though we are still distant from the September 2024 day for kickoff, it breaks. Tales have proactively begun uncovering exceptionally fascinating insights concerning telephones.

The iPhone 15 series is supposed to show up in around a half year, in mid-September 2024, highlighting four models, much like the iPhone 14 series before.
First, we have the 6.1-inch iPhone 15, the most reasonable model. Then comes the bigger, 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Or more with a greater battery. Of course, the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Expert with the Master highlights and the exceptional sticker price; we have the newly huge and strong iPhone 15 Ultra. Indeed, Ultra! Apple is said to utilize the Ultra name rather than “Master Max” to flag the greater updates in this model, including its most memorable periscope zoom camera.
The big news is that the four models will have a USB-C connector, supplanting the Lightning port that Apple has been utilizing for almost ten years. Another gossip recommends that the Powerful Island is additionally coming to every one of the four forms. Most new iPhones get haptic volume and power keys rather than conventional ones.

The actual iPhone 15 inventory also desires to extend the scope of varieties. The asserted iPhone 15 and 15 Or more gadgets would purportedly come in profound pink and distinctive blue variations, separately, with the Hex Codes #CE3C6C and #4DB1E2. The first is known as Telemagenta, and the second is known as Picton Blue. Expanding new varieties to the assortment could influence estimating the new iPhone.
Apple will offer more splendid varieties of red, notwithstanding the dark red tone seen on iPhone 15 Experts, as well as exemplary tints like gold, silver, and space dim. The standard models will come in regular shades like Red, White, or Dark.
As reports indicate, the current year’s better-quality iPhones will incorporate titanium development. The dull red shade may be accessible on those models. That is a shift for Apple, as the organization’s other titanium-undercarriage-prepared gadget is the Apple Watch 8 Ultra. We’ll have to sit tight for affirmation from additional sources before saying something.

Among iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max colors, dark red is probably the most enticing. With the Hex code #410D0D, the color resembles a Burgundy shade, also known as Dark Sienna.

The standard iPhone 15 catalog also plans to add some new colors to the collection. According to the report, the alleged iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models are to bring deep pink and bright blue color options with the Hex Codes #CE3C6C and #4DB1E2, respectively. The former is dubbed Telemagenta, and the latter is Picton Blue. Adding new colors to the collection may influence the new iPhone price.

The dim red shade Apple might have arranged for the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models would almost certainly be joined by standard (PRODUCT)RED gadgets in a more brilliant shade, alongside additional conventional shades near silver/gold and dark space. ‌iPhone 15‌ models could have more choices, including colors similar to red, dark, and white.

Apple’s dark red tone would be presented for the titanium finish for the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and Star Max. Apple has delivered titanium Apple Watch models in a standard silver titanium tone and a hazier titanium tone. However, red anodization would be completely new.

As indicated by 9to5Mac’s source, the data on the various choices is “still early” and “could change” nearer to the fall, so the tones shared could be off. As Apple plans gadgets well ahead of when they send off, plan decisions will probably be set soon. Apple is supposed to start the EVT (designing approval test) period of ‌iPhone 15‌ creation in Spring.

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